Walter Melon
Walter Melon.png
Voiced by Chris Kattan
Episode count 1
Species Watermelon
Family 9-layer Bean Burrito (supposed wife) Aqua Teens (brothers)
Nicknames Prick
Gender Male
Job Unemployed
Quote "Neil! Play the drum solo of life!"

Walter Melon is the self-proclaimed creator of Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad. He also created the Insanoflex, and edited three exercise videos (which led to him getting fired). His wife is a 9-layer Bean Burrito, and his accomplice is Neil Peart. Walter said that he lost his job, because he spent to much time at home editing his videos. Walter said that his plan was for Frylock and Dr. Weird to kill each other so he could inherit their property to build the ultimate Insano Gym. Then the characters tell him how they rent, and even if they didn't his plan would still fail, because he couldn't put a gym into a neighborhood like he had planned. Once he realizes this he and Neil Peart escape in his ship. His only appearance was the movie.


  • Even though in the film he claims to be the creator of the Aqua Teens, it was confirmed in 2010 during "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live" by series creator Dave Willis that Dr. Weird was indeed the creator of the Aqua Teens, making them brothers. Thus confirming that Walter Melon was simply one of Weird's creations used for his insane and convoluted plot to mess with the Aqua Teens. [1]
  • He is named after the the Franco-Belgian comic character and the 1998 animated series Walt'er Melon.