Wayne is a character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force who served as the antagonist in "Super Trivia."


The most notable thing about Wayne's physical appearance is his head, which is incredibly large and covered with green hair. However, if Wayne's head was a normal size in relation to his body, he would be very short. He suffers from some acne, and his neck seems to have suffered damage due to the weight of his head. He wears a red Hawaiian shirt, black pants, and flip flops.


In his only appearance on the show, Wayne competed with Frylock, Shake, Meatwad, and later Carl in a trivia contest at a bar. Wayne continued to win these contests for quite some time. When Frylock came close to winning, the host gave an impossibly difficult trivia question that Frylock was unable to answer. It was revealed that the questions were merely illusions created by Wayne. His head is large, because his brain is enormous, and Wayne is so incredibly intelligent that he created the bar and everything in it, including the host. Frylock points out that Wayne could just create a girlfriend for himself, so, realizing the obvious, Wayne does so and flies off into the sky with his newly created girlfriend.


  • Wayne "the Brain" McClain is voiced by Seth MacFarlane, creator of prime-time animated shows, such as Family Guy, American Dad!, and the Cleveland Show.
  • He is dressed similarly to Glenn Quagmire, a character in Family Guy which Seth MacFarlane also voices.