The White Aliens are characters that appear in the episode, "Antenna." They both have white skin and seem to be conjoined twins, as their bodies are attached to one another. They have two arms, along with many spikes protruding from their chest and sides. They also have large red eyes with black pupils. 

In "Antenna," a large metal Television antenna has been constructed by the aliens in Carl's yard. This results in the aliens appearing on Carl's TV, stacking boxes continuously. The radiation from the reception gives Carl and other watchers bloody noses and swollen heads. Eventually, Frylock discovers that the tower leads to the alien's home planet and learns they were plotting an invasion. The alien's plan of having Shake entertain them forever is revealed, and Frylock helps them, luring the anthropomorphic milkshake into the set. The aliens then give Frylock 40 Yorlocks and allow him to go, as the creatures force Shake into performing stand-up comedy for eternity.  

Both aliens make a brief appearance in the Season 7 episode, "A PE Christmas." They can be seen in the Aqua Teens church, sitting near Dan and a Brownie-monster