Wong Burger is an Asian fast food restaurant. It appears in Dickesode, Merlo Sauvignon Blanco, and Hands on a Hamburger. Carl and the Aqua Teens order from this restaurant. When Carl buys a medium sized drink, he enables a binding contract that allows them to rip off his dick. Also, when you order a drink from Wong Burger, you are able to get a discount on your next order, or a new car by simply ripping off the bottom of your cup, and read what prize you get off of it. All the cups are winners. They often refer to it as a "rip-n-win". Little did they know that one of the "prizes" is a 1 in 3 chance of getting your dick ripped off if you're a male customer.

Due to the PR nightmare created by Dr. Wongburger's evil dick-steal schemes, the restaurant had to change it's name to "Dazzle Burger" to avoid both public scrutiny and legal action.

Food they sell[]

  • Wasabi and Teriyaki Fries (French Fries filled with sauce through a high-tensil needle.)
  • Drinks-(small, medium, large, and " the super sized trough")
  • Edible Hand Truck with chocolate tires
  • (presumably) Hamburgers (or "Wong Burgers")