"Working Stiffs" is the fifth episode of the 10th season of Aqua TV Show Show, and the 125th overall. It first aired on September 15, 2013.


Shake is watching cable when the television suddenly shuts out. He goes to Frylock's room and demands to watch internet videos. Frylock informs him that the Cable bill was not paid and that they need to do something about it. Frylock goes to get Meatwad, only to discover that Meatwad is smoking. Meatwad is put in the quiet corner while Shake and Frylock argue about getting jobs. Later, Shake prints off an incredibly short and somewhat pathetic resumé in order to receive a job as a professional comedian. After Meatwad and Shake have a brief competition to see whose imaginary rocket ship can get to Mars faster, Frylock rides with Carl to his job interview. Carl offers Frylock a job with his cousin to assassinate a mob boss. Frylock declines and heads off to his interview. Despite being qualified for a very well paying job, Frylock settles for a job at a fast food restaurant which has made a variety of health code violations. Frylock finds Carl discussing the assassination plans with Shake and Meatwad. They agree that Shake will receive payment if Meatwad can successfully kill the mob boss, despite Meatwad's being incompetent. In the kitchen of an Italian Restaurant, Meatwad and Shake go over their plans, which involves Meatwad shooting the mobsters with a caulking gun and Shake using a dart gun. Of course this fails, and the Mobsters capture Meatwad, while Shake enjoys free cable at the Better Buy. The Mobsters and Meatwad arrive at Carl's house, and the Mobsters shoot at Meatwad with machine guns. The mobsters realize Meatwad is immune to these shots, and tell him to get lost. Meatwad comes home with Frylock, whose place of employment was, predictably, shut down by the city right after he got bitten by a bat while he was refilling the ranch and had to get rabies shots. Meatwad mentions how well he can hear gun shots from Carl's house which he thinks is a television program, and Carl is presumed dead, after the mobsters completely decimate his house. Meatwad intends to go see Carl and thank him, but Frylock suggests giving it a couple of days. Shake is disappointed to find the Better Buy has turned off their televisions for closing time.


  1. Carl is killed by Mobsters.


  • The printer Shake uses to print out his resume is the same printer he uses to print out his Christmas list in "Mail Order Bride."
  • This is the third appearance of Better Buy, the first being in "Creature from Plaque Lagoon", and the second being in "A PE Christmas".
  • When Shake is seen in Better Buy, he is at first watching the puppet bowling show from "Universal Remonster." Later in the episode, he is watching a sock puppet show from "Balloonenstein."
  • Terry and Dante make cameos.
  • Shake watches Bruno Sardine: Private Inbreastergator, the porn detective show from "Dirtfoot."
  • Shake asks Frylock to search for, "Shark bite to the nut sack." This is a reference to "Rubberman" when a whale bites off Carl's genitals at Sea World.
  • It is addressed in this episode Carl had no idea what his source of income is.
  • The Visible Frylock poster in Frylock's room is again contradicted, as Frylock's fries are quite flexible throughout this episode, indicating that they do not contain bone.
  • Carl is locked inside his house, because said house is covered in posters. A similar thing happened to Carl in the film.


  • When the mobsters draw their guns on Meatwad, he has six sub-machine guns pointed at him. When the camera zooms out, two of the guns are pump-action shotguns.