The Worst Game Ever was a flash game available on Adult, but has been removed. It is a very simplistic game where the only goal is to go right, jumping over obstacles now and again, for an extremely long time. An announcer will occasionally say insane and random things.

The game only uses four controls - to go right, press the right arrow key. To attack, press the X key. To teleport to the beginning of the level, press T. To pause the game, press P. While the game advertises itself as having other controls, these do not actually do anything besides garnering a response from the announcer.

Even though the game is no longer playable on Adult, it is playable as a bonus feature on the Volume 5 DVD


  • The "Exclusive Clip" at the end of the game on is not a clip at all but a random congrats message [1] but the clip at the end of the game on the volume 5 dvd is a 30 sec clip of the end of the deleted movie.