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The (pronounced w'w'wiz'zerd'd-dot-com) is an Internet program that essentially messes with the Aqua Teens in the episode, "Interfection." It is depicted as a old, bald green-skinned male creature with a form of a forearm with a bushy white beard, and a magenta shirt. In addition, the apparently only has two yellowish buck teeth. His hair acts as a connection device. The creates pop-up ads and puts them on Frylock's computer screen, and later, his bedroom. He attempts to force an annoying Internet service on Frylock for $44.95 per month. After Frylock refuses, the gives Frylock what he thinks is the choice to leave. However, by choosing no, he has been forced to still put up with the ads for 90 days, forcing the Aqua Teens to leave their house.

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  • - Was a simple tribute site; did not do what was shown in the episode, but did open a lot of joke pop-ups. It caused some hard drives to crash. The site now redirects to the