Zucotti Manicotti
Zucotti Manicotti
Voiced by Phil Morris
Episode count 1
Species Manicotti
Family Crimson Tightwad (sidekick/friend)
Gender Male
Job Actor

Zucotti Manicotti is a puppet creature that appears in the episode, "Zucotti Manicotti." He has orange skin, four eyes and arms, green hair, a mustache, and a large pointy nose. Zucotti wears a red cloak with a blue-fin protruding out the back. He stars in his own children's program, teaching kids lessons in gratuity and healthy eating. when he gets shot a hand comes out

In "Zuccotti Manicotti ", he arrives on planet Earth after he discovers Master Shake is burning a Zucotti Manicotti hand puppet. He extinguishes the fire, as Shake grabs the burnt hand puppet and pretends to be the real Zucotti Manicotti. This confuses the ignorant Meatwad, who isn't sure which is the true Zucotti Manicotti. Meatwad then puts both of them through a series of tests, meant to reveal who is the impostor. Eventually, they both arrive at the final task: being able to eat 100 eggs. Though, Zucotti informs Meatwad that he is thinking of the movie "Cool Hand Luke" and not the abilities of a Manicotti. Shake then appears as if his hand puppet is eating the eggs, shoving them through a bullet hole in the doll's chest. Meatwad then believes the puppet to be the real Zucotti, setting of Zucotti Manicotti into a meltdown, where he rants and swears. Meatwad then shoots him in the head, thinking he was the impostor, claiming " the Zucotti Manicotti I know, looks taller on TV."


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