Zucotti Manicotti is a hand puppet creature that appears in the episode, "Zucotti Manicotti." He has orange skin, four eyes and arms, green hair, a mustache, and a large pointy nose. Zucotti wears a red cloak with a blue-fin protruding out the back. He stars in his own children's program, teaching kids lessons in gratuity and healthy eating, when he is shot, a hand is shown to be controlling him, much like a real hand puppet.

In "Zuccotti Manicotti ", he arrives on planet Earth after he discovers Master Shake is burning a Zucotti Manicotti hand puppet. He extinguishes the fire, as Shake grabs the burnt hand puppet and pretends to be the real Zucotti Manicotti. This confuses the ignorant Meatwad, who isn't sure which one is the true Zucotti Manicotti, so Meatwad puts both of them through a series of absurd and nonsensical tests, meant to reveal the real Zucotti, even though none of them actually test weather or not one of them is the real one. Eventually, they both arrive at the final task: being able to eat 100 eggs.

Though, Zucotti informs Meatwad that he is thinking of the movie "Cool Hand Luke" and not the abilities of a Manicotti, either way, Shake makes it look as if his hand puppet is eating the eggs, shoving them through a bullet hole in the doll's chest, leading Meatwad to believe the puppet to be the real Zucotti, sending Zucotti Manicotti into a meltdown, where he rants about Meatwad's immense stupidity, before he is shot in the head by Meatwad, revealing the hand that controls him, who promptly gets shot as well, thinking he was the impostor, Meatwad claims "the Zucotti Manicotti I know, looks taller on TV." though he later realizes that was the real Zuccotti Manicotti, and gets traumatized for killing his hero.

Zucotti Manicotti then makes his last appearance in the final episode, "The Greatest Story Ever Told" where he is seen attending church with Shake, Meatwad, and several other characters. There, he tries to kill Frylock, Carl and Lambert under Shake's orders, but fails due to them being immortal, he is then shot to death by two police officers.