"Zucotti Manicotti" is the 9th episode of Season 9 and 119th overall of Aqua Something You Know Whatever.


The episode starts with a close up at the Aqua Teens TV with a show called, "Zucotti Manicotti", which is a puppet show about him and his sidekick "Crimson Tightwad" do stuff. It shows that Meatwad been watching a marathon, Frylock asks Meatwad if he adores this, he says yes. Frylock asks when this ends, Meatwad replies at Midnight on Monday. Frylock was shocked, then was angered that Meatwad hogged the TV, Meatwad then say about a new show called "Zucotti Manicotti: Healthy Body", presumably a fitness show. Master Shake comes in, shoves the TV and destroys it in a fiery explosion, much for Meatwad sadness, Shake demands him to clean up the mess. Then, it turns out that Shake has to clean it up because he break it and claim it should of been Meatwad to clean it and not him. Meatwad tell a line from Zucotti Manicotti that TV rot your brain.

Meatwad shows Frylock his Christmas list, most of the stuff he wants is Zucotti Manicotti merchandise. Later, the two roommates look at the aforementioned merchandise on Frylock computer, to see that everything is expensive. On Christmas Day, Frylock tells Meatwad to open his gift, and much for Meatwad happiness, then ask where the other merchandise on his list, Frylock says that puppet cause over $3,000 dollars, Shake grabs its and look scared at it. Shake then scares Meatwad with the puppet, Frylock try to get him to stop it, but he didn't listen and make Meatwad runs in his room. Frylock angrily tell Shake he ruined Christmas for Meatwad, Shake says not yet.

Later at night, a scared Meatwad hears his window tapping to reveal that Shake has the puppet. Shake yells, Meatwad calls Frylock, he shockly comes in to see what going on, Shake still scares Meatwad and pulls out his pistol and shoot the puppet with a hole in the middle of it, thus breaking Shake hand as he screams in pain. Frylock furiously scold Shake for what he done to Meatwad. The timid Meatwad explains self-defense, Frylock agrees and tell Shake that he saved his life, Shake wants to kill the puppet, Frylock angrily reminds that is was $3,000 dollars, Shake leaves. In space, the real Zucotti Manicotti fell a disturbance, the real Crimson Tightwad checks on him, one of his hand puppets, reveal to be the one from earlier, Zucotti see to this. Outside, the puppet is tied to a pole to be lit on fire Meatwad pray and Shake pour kerosene on the puppet and burn it, a voice scream "MEATWAD!", and Zucotti ejects from a tortellini ship and runs over to the puppet with a fire extinguisher and told Meatwad he being deceived, as clear the fire away, Meatwad sing the theme song to Zucotti, Shake appears with a box and the Zucotti puppet and saying he an imposter, Meatwad was shocked to see two Zucotti Manicottis, the real Zucotti claim he the real one and tell Shake he the fake, Shake protest and make Meatwad sing the theme song again and force Meatwad to shoot the real one, he points his gun at the real one, Zucotti claim he peaceful. Meatwad agrees and points at the puppet. Both of them have an argument, Meatwad goes ballistic because he can't know who from what and shoot his gun up in the air 4 times.

In the living room, Meatwad decide to put it up to a test, the real dematerialize and reappear, Shake interupts him and say he has swollen glands, Zucotti say they turn the camera on and off, Shake and Z.M. get into another argument and Meatwad breaks them up before it gets psychical. Outside, Meatwad claim Zucotti got the strengh of a 1,000 armies and see if they can lifted up Carl's 2 Wycked, Zucotti try lifting it up and fails because everything he lifts up on TV is paper mache, Shake replies "What can I say, glands". Later, at a parking structure, on the ledge, this test to see if Zucotti can fly, he use wires and they painted them out.

Z. M. wants to see what Shake can do, but he keep saying glands, Zucotti say it was another deception, because Manicottis does not even had glands, Master Shake wants to see if that's true, as he pull out his sword and Z. M. pulls out his dagger and see who would be the first to strike, before they can fight each other, Meatwad breaks them up once again he said on to test four as he walks off. At a farm, Zucotti explains that he can't eat 100 eggs, once again, Shake and Z. M. keep fighting about Cool Hand Luke, Shake put the eggs though the bullet hole, Zucotti explains to Meatwad, but he too oblivious to know, Zucottie snaps at Meatwad for his stupidity. Meatwad shot him through his head and a hand emerges from his head and Meatwad kill that too. Meatwad say Z. M. taller on TV, Shake pretends to be an F.B.I. agent with a fake badge and threatens to arrest Meatwad. Meatwad was horrified to see that he inadvertently killed the real Zucotti Manicotti, Shake grabs the gun, shoot the puppet and breaking his hand again. Later that night, in his room with the lights turned off, Meatwad crawls up on his pillow and shaking with fear as he stare at the wall & has a sad experience from Shake & Zucotti, as Shake and Frylock watch him. Shake is happy that Meatwad doesn't hog the TV, anymore & Frylock furiously explains to Shake that Meatwad had made a noose he made of string hanging up the wall, meaning that he want to hang himself. Now Frylock is furious and angry at Shake for scaring Meatwad for life and he has to put Prozac in his cat food, Shake complains that Meatwad eats wet cat food, while Shake eats dry cat food.


  1. Zucotti Manicotti is shot to death by Meatwad.
  2. A live-action arm is shot to death by Meatwad.


  • The Plutonians' and The Mooninites' ship can be found in this episode.
  • This episode mentions the Aqua Teens' residence still in New Jersey.
  • The chicken(s) seen on the farm are recycled from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters.
  • The ending theme for this episode does not use the "Dancing is Forbidden" sample.
  • The designs for Zucotti Manicotti, Crimson Tightwad, and the puppetering for this episode are all by Awesome Inc., who also helped with making the opening theme song.
  • The 4th test that Meatwad gives is (as Zucotti mentioned) a nod to the film Cool Hand Luke.
  • Carl does not appear in this episode.
  • The box that holds the Zucotti Manicotti hand puppet says HandBanana on top of it.
  • Michael Jai White guest stars as Zucotti Manicotti, but is uncredited during the credits.